How to Use Flight Crew View

Screen shot of initial sign in page

Getting Started

Flight Crew View now requires users to set up a free account using their email address or Google, Facebook or Apple account. Each user should use their own email address. The password for this profile does not need to be the same as your Flica password.

Crew Members will input Flica login information later in the setup. Crew Members can then add family or friends to their “Friends list” to allow schedule sharing without the need to share log in information.

Only the Crew Member needs a subscription –Friends and Family can set up their accounts absolutely free.

Crew Members: Select settings, then enter Flica information

Selecting “Pilot” tells the app to calculate Part 117 hours.

“Home Airport” tells the app what city’s weather to display when you’re off duty, at home. Choose an airport closest to your residence.

“Activity airport” tells the app what city’s weather to display when you’re on duty but not flying–for example, on reserve.

On the next screen, Crew members will enter their FLICA login info. If you forgot your FLICA password, the link on the next screen will lead you to recover or reset it.

Monthly View

[1] The top gray row displays this month’s Block [B], Credit [C], Year-to-date [YTD], and Days Off [OFF].

[2] Click your Trip Code to access the daily view.

[3] Detailed weather information can be accessed by tapping the day’s temps. 

Refresh the schedule by swiping down on the page. Flight Crew View’s schedule display does not auto-refresh. The top row will indicate the app’s last refresh time.

Swipe left and right to view last and next months’ schedules.

Daily view

[1] The top purple bar indicates the day’s Report Time. Tap on it to set an alarm.

[2] Tapping the “i” icon in the first column will display more detailed info about the flight, including gate numbers, incoming flight updates, and aircraft. Here you can also access FAA EDCT, Flight Aware, Flight Stats, and Google Flight information about this flight.

[3] In the second column, “DH” indicates this flight is a deadhead. “/*” indicates that there is an airplane change.

[4] In the 4th column, the preferred time format can be changed in Menu -> Settings.

[5] Tap the arrow in the right-most column to access the crew list for this leg. 


Adding Friends

Start typing the name of the crew member or registered friend you wish to add. Available Flight Crew View users will autopopulate the field.

The requested Friend will receive a notification that you wish to add them. 

Manage your Friends by clicking on their name. You can view their schedule, set the person as the default schedule to view, or delete the Friend. This will prevent that person from viewing your schedule.

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